Sunday, 20 September 2020

CD5 - #2 IVF Cycle Starts!

Hey Ladies!

Finally the day has come that I am going to start a new cycle of IVF Round 2!

So as I mentioned on my previous post, seeing the trend of my menses since April, I will be having my September 2020 menses on the 16th.. 

And it did arrive on the 16th!! Amazing!!! LOL!!

So called the IVF Department and scheduled a scan on the next day.

So came down to the clinic at 7.30am, I was queue no 6.

Waited till 8 am when my number was called.

So went in and de-gown to have the transvaginal scan done.

So the sonographer was gentle and quick!

So here is my results from the scan

 17th September 2020, Thursday @ 8.05am

Transvaginal Scan
CD 2

Right Ovary - Tiny Follicles

Left Ovary - Tiny Follicles

Uterus Lining - 2.6mm

It took 10 minutes and I was escort to the next room for the injection schedules with the senior staff nurse.

Waited for 15 mins and my turn was call.

So for this cycle, I was given 3 drugs to inject with..

Oh my god............

So here are the drugs that I will be injecting for the next 9 days.

1 x Gonal F Pen 900iu & 5 vials x Orgalutran 0.25mg
Menopur 600 iu with 9 sets of 29G needles

So collected them from the pharmacy and I head over to the treatment room to have it injected.
Nurse Beh is amazing!! This will be her 5th time injecting for me with no pain felt. I was really surprise by her method!
So for the next 2 days I needed to have it injected and I asked for the help from my department Dr to inject it for me.. He, too has done it amazingly! I did not felt any pain! Only when I need to inject on the right side of my belly, I tend to be more sensitive and able to feel the pain.

So the schedules are as follow!

17th Sept - Orgalutran  0.25ml
18th Sept - Orgalutran  0.25ml
19th Sept - Orgalutran  0.25ml
20th Sept - Gonal F 150iu & Menopur 75iu
21st Sept - Gonal F 150iu & Menopur 75iu
22nd Sept - Gonal F 150iu & Menopur 75iu
23rd Sept - Gonal F 150iu & Menopur 75iu
24th Sept - Gonal F 150iu & Menopur 75iu & Orgalutran 0.25ml
25th Sept (2ND SCAN DAY) - Orgalutran 0.25ml

Urghhhh.... I hate the Orgalutran injections! The needles to me are thicker! As for Menopur, it's a new drug to me. And I am super stressed up with the injection schedules.. I thought I was prepared for the injections, but I wasn't.. Hehehe.... trying my best to go through it day by day with less over-thinking.
They also gave Mountain Bear to take Azithromycin 250mg x 4 tabs (1gm) to be taken on the 20th September 2020. Which he did and done during our breakfast this morning.

So yeah, I am trying my best to stay well hydrated and control my diabetes as well.. Tried stopping drinking any cold icy water, and reduce 80% on sweet stuffs.. Taking hot red dates drinks & pre-pregnancy milk.
Alright ladies, that's all for now.. I will update soonest! Take care!

Monday, 24 August 2020


 Hey ladies!

So yes, we will be doing a IVF #2 Fresh Cycle again!

I wanted to collect as many good embryos to be frozen.

So after my failed IVF #1 I decide to look onto some supplements that I could consume.

And I found this..

So i decide to give this a try!

I needed to take 2 tabs daily & it was a struggle for the LIGHT PINK TABLET!!

The smell was horrible & i needed to break it into half as I wasn't able to swallow that big pill!


So I took it religiously since I had the negative results on 14th May 2020 till July 2020, and currently it's now August, I am gonna start taking them again. I wasn't sure why I didn't continue straight till now, maybe due to the COVID and my order got stuck for a few weeks which made me stopped.

But!! I wanted to share this! My period seems to be coming on the dot!!

April 2020 - 11th April 2020

May 2020 - 12th May 2020

June 2020 - 13th June 2020

July 2020 - 14th July 2020

August 2020 - 15th August 2020

I can pretty much predict my September 2020 period is on 16th? LOL!!!!!!

So yeah! I was happy!! This got to do with my METFORMIN 500mg intake!

So on 23rd July 2020, i did my HBA1C and it came back 6.7mmol/L which is still acceptable to do the IVF cycle. They wanted it to be less than 7mmol/L.

I am pretty sure that currently it is going more downward. I have been taking Metformin regularly.

So, I called up my IVF dept and they already scheduled it to be done next month SEPTEMBER 2020, probably 16th September 2020 once my period comes.

Me & Mountain Bear need to drop by to get a blood test done for HIV. And I will continue doing the injections again! The last cycle I recalled doing it for 11 days? It wasn't that long compared to IUI.. That was tough!

Mountain Bear has been busy with his work as well. July & August was very draining for him. Somehow I felt that God knows when is the perfect time to get these all done.. I could imagine the stress level that he has to go through with his work & our wants to have a baby during this Covid period. He is also a frontliner for the engineering side & has been on frequent 24hours standby! Can you imagine the amount of sleep he gets? 3-4 hours daily. And only 1 day off every 2 weeks! Wicked isn't it? But September 2020, his manager did mentioned that he could take a long leave.. And I told him, why not take them during the period we are getting our #2 IVF done? It was a great plan!

So yeah! Now, we just have to wait. I just finished my menses for August and it is 6 days before September arrives.. I am so ready to get these cycle going! I even told the Dr,


She laughed!! She never heard any patient of hers saying such word with excitements!!

I am weird.. LOL!!!

Oh well, i know what to expect.. The pain, the probes up into my vagina.. But again, it's much better than IUI.. I only have to go through 4-5 scans each cycle for IVF? While IUI almost daily.. 

Ok ladies! I will update you guys again! I promises, it will be a motivation on updating this blog!

Till we read again! XOXO


 Hey ladies!

I really wanted to apologize on the long pause from this blog..

Mostly due to my work and the post egg retrieval procedure, I was having alot of discomforts

30th April 2020, Thursday 10.30am

So 5 days after the egg retrieval, we went down to do our Day 5 Blastocyst transfer.

I needed to have my bladder full before the transfer and it's a struggle! LOL!!

I was already bloated from the injections & progesterone, I needed to get my bladder full.

So we went over, sat down and waited.

At this point I was pretty convinced that it will be a success! But I wasn't sure if the OHSS symptoms might interfere with the process..

My Dr actually advice us to give it a skip and come back next month to do the Frozen Transfer.

But since she mentioned that I currently have 2 eggs which has reached early Blastocyst stage currently, why not just transfer 1?

And we did just that, feeling that the journey down to the dept isn't a waste..

So i was told to de-gown & sit down on examination bed while Mountain Bear sat at the side of the wall, being with me as we waited for the embryologist sucking the Blastocyst into a fine flexible needle and straight to our room.. 

So I lay down like a Turkey ready to be stuffed with fillings, with my legs wide open and the speculum is inserted, I saw my womb on the screen next to me.. I didn't knew my womb looked normal, just like the others.. LOL!!!

So our Dr slowly advance in the flexible needles into my womb & i could see it on the screen..

Then slowly she push the end of the needle and I saw a white dot being transferred into my womb..

"And that's the blastocyst.. That's your baby!" said our Dr.

I wasn't in pain nor felt anything when this procedure was done. So I lay down for 5 minutes while the nurse explained to me on my Egg count..

So she mentioned they collected 17 eggs, 16 were fertilized, 8 made it to Day 3, 6 were still growing till Day 4, and currently we have 2 eggs that made it to Day 5 Early Blastocyst. 

So 1 is inserted to me, the other one will be frozen for my next cycle if I needed it..

I was pretty upset to hear I only had 1 egg able to be frozen. I couldn't complaint as I knew, I wasn't well prepared on prepping my body or eggs during the whole cycle..

So we went home and I rested. I was super super sleepy!!! I slept pretty much alot and Mountain Bear came over to me to check if i'm still breathing! LOL!

So I was suppose to get my blood test done on the 14th May 2020, but then on 12th May, I started bleeding.. I was super super super upset... but after that cry, I began to accept it..

Definitely it was hard.. I knew it.. I felt that the OHSS has something to do with it.. My body was constantly trying to recover.. And I was easily tired. But still, I need to get the blood test done..

So on 14th May, I went down and had the blood done at 8am.. At 12 noon, she called and said that my results were 3.0 which is a negative for BETA.

I took a break, Mountain Bear was very supportive of me.. He seen me going through every needles after needles being poke into my battle war belly site, the moan and tears, he was there to see it.. And I was pretty much.....................blocked up in my emotions................

Like I was.....................why............................why................................

So i return back to work, and my workmates were very very very supportive and even my Dr was supportive and telling me it's all good, don't give up!

I lose 6kg during these period.... But yeah, I knew one day we will get that bean to stick in me.. LOL!

So please look forward on my next post for the latest progression and process!

Till then ladies! XOXO

Monday, 27 April 2020

25th April 2020 - CD15 - IVF ICSI #1 *EGG RETRIEVAL DAY*

Today is 27th April 2020 - 2 days post egg retrieval procedure..

I was really taking my time to recuperate and currently I am on 20 days Hospitalization Leave.

Will return back to my work on the 14th May 2020..

So let me trace back on the day of the procedure.. Let's start!

25th April 2020 - 9.10am
Mountain Bear need to provide the sperm specimen for the insemination. And we only have 1 hour to reach the IVF department. We took the car and drove off, reaching at 9.40am to the department. I was the last patient to go through for the procedure.

So Mountain bear need to proceed to another area to submit  his specimen personally while I was at the registration counter, attended by a Senior Registered Nurse Jacqueline. She is just lively! So she explained to me that I am still early & I proceed to the waiting area with Mountain Bear. Before that, I was given a wrist tag with my details stated. I was also given 6 sticky labels with my name & details printed on it. I was told to have this given to my surgeon later on, at the operating bed.

1040hrs - I was called in for the procedure. My heart is pounding, I looked at Mountain Bear, and told him.. "Bye my love" and he replied the same.. I was then escort to the changing room, was given a locker 9 to keep my stuffs in & was told to create a 4 digit password for the locker. I was given an operating gown with a pink kimono & shower cap. I was told to strip down & only allow to wear my socks & shoe.. Once that was done, I was seated in a comfy armchair and had my hypocount taken. It was 6.3mmol/L. I was attended by Registered Nurse Stephanie, she is awesome! She was there when I recover post surgery as well!!
So anyway, I knew my vein is hard to obtain or to even set an IV Plug. She suggested to have the anesthetist set the plug for me. There he come, Dr "Lion" sat in front of me and with 1 poke, he managed to get my vein! I was ready for the next step! I tried to stay calm.. I was worried to be under sedation.. I was afraid that I might not be able to be awake. My imagination run amok.. But then, I started to cool myself down, prayed to Allah to make it a smooth journey...
So the time has arrive, I was escorted by another OT Nurse, I couldn't recall her name but she is super friendly! I was scared when I saw the OT table.. As I was gently guided up to the table, having my buttock at the edge of the bed, with my legs placed on the leg holder, my dignity was well taken care of. I was well covered during the procedure.. Well, I'm not sure when I was knock out.. LOL!!
So finally, my surgeon arrives, she asked for my name label and my identification for verification. Before I was given the drug, Propofol, I was given an oxygen mask & everyone is busy prepping.. I say my shahada & pray to Allah  to make it a smooth journey for me.. Then I saw Dr Lion beside me, telling me that he will be injecting the propofol into my IV plug, and I saw the OT Nurse on the other side, looking at me and telling me it will be alright..
I remembered feeling a gush of warm thick solution running through my system, I started counting & staring at the OT Nurse...

That's all that I could remember....

I was woken up by a familiar voice, it was Stephanie, it was 11.50am... I was pushed out from the OT at 11.42am. Oh my goodness, that was the nicest sleep ever! LOL!!! I was told that the Dr had inserted a Paracetamol suppository after the surgery ended to help with the pain. It went well, they told me.. I was still drowsy and slept for another 10 minutes.. After that, I was wide awake.. Felt alil uneasiness at my abdominal area.. Felt some discharges coming out from my vagina. they mentioned it was normal.. I was then attended by another MO who did a quick check on my abdomen.. He mentioned that my abdomen is soft, which is a good sign.. I still feel that I could not breath fully & deeply.. That's where the oxygen is my best friend for the next 20 minutes..
12.30pm - I was seated up and my vital signs are taken every 5 minutes.. It was all looking great.. I was then served with a cup of warm water & milo and biscuit. I managed to finished them with no nausea or any issue..

1.40pm - I was finally allow to leave & get changed. I do feel slight cramping and bloated. Wear my clothes, forgotten to wear my bra, open my clothes again.. The effect of the sedation drugs.. HAHAHA!! I was then escorted by Stephanie to the comfy armchair again & had my IV plug taken out. Leave them with some great feedbacks for all the care they have showed.

There, as I step out from the OT, I saw Mountain Bear.. Sitting down calmly and got up once he saw me.. We both proceed to the registration counter to know the post surgery details..
They collected 17 Eggs!!! Alhamdulilah!! So here are the list of things that I need to co-operate with..

Waiting for Blastocyst D5 on 30th April 2020. Really hope our egg quality is good that it goes to the 5th day fertilization. Insyallah! Ramadan is a sacred and special month for us Muslim. I really hope Allah grant us this special wish we waited for... So Mountain bear has help to collect the medications and here are the list. The supply is only enough till the day of the D5 Blastocyst. If it is successful, we need to purchase more. A prescription was given to us.

25th April 2020 - 2nd  May 2020
PO Cabergoline 0.25mg (Night Dose) x 8 tabs

27th April 2020 - 29th April 2020
PO Dydrogesterone 10mg (Twice daily) x 6 tabs 

27th April 2020 - 29th April 2020
PV Crinone 8% Progesterone Cream (Twice daily) x 6 tabs

After much explanation, I was told that I will be feeling extreme bloatedness and slight spotting. Currently I do not feel any pain yet.. So we left the department and head home..

I recalled feeling super super bloated!! I couldn't move well.. I had issue peeing or pooping as whenever I tried to strain, the aching is too much to bear.. So I took it nice and slow.. And also, I tried to head to the toilet as frequently as possible as to avoid large volume of urine collected in my bladder which causes the pain.. I knew my ovaries are still swollen from the surgery, I need to be more careful not to cause torsion. I was advice to drink 2L of water & protein from egg white.. They mentioned it will help me with the bloatedness.. I also took Paracetamol whenever I feel pain and it greatly help.
Today is Day 2 post surgery, I feel much better. Still feeling bloated but not as bad compared to the previous days. I also started inserting the Crinone 8% cream into my vagina, and after inserting it, I was advice to walk around for 10 to 15 minutes..

I just realized, after the surgery, carrying a small bag of potato is already heavy for me.. I used to be able to carry up to 6 kg of items.. Now, 800gm is a struggle.. Mountain Bear has advice not to carry all these heavy stuffs..
So the team did mentioned that they will give us a call, a day before the egg transfer date. I was really hoping our lil oocyte will make it till D5 Blastocyst. But if there is any issue, a D3 transfer will be made. Insyallah, Allah is the greatest planner.
Alright ladies, I will update you guys on our next entry - TRANSFER DAY.

Take care!

Thursday, 23 April 2020

23rd April 2020 - CD13 - IVF ICSI #1 (STIM DAY 11) *FINAL SCAN*

Hey ladies!!!

Today is the day I was looking forward for!!

The day where my eggs are ready for the next phase,
So today we did the last injection for ovulation blocker (Orgalutran 0.25iu) at the clinic before I head for my scans..

It was fast and painless..
So about 30minutes or so, it was my turn!!

It was the same Malay sonographer from yesterday's scan! She was amazing!

So let's see what we get from this scan today!
Before I start typing out the results, the sonographer did asked me if I have any pains or cramps, feeling bloated or sort. I told her it was bearable with some fertile discharges.

23rd April 2020, Thursday @ 8.30amTransvaginal Scan
CD 13

Right Ovary - 20.5mm, 20.5mm, 19.5mm, 19mm, 18mm, 17mm, 17mm, 16mm, 16mm, 15.5mm, 14mm

Left Ovary (Hazy) - 19mm, 19mm, 18.5mm, 18mm, 17mm, 17mm, 16mm, 16.5mm, 15mm, 15mm, 14mm, 14mm, 14.5mm

Uterus Lining - 10.9mm Triple Layer
What a shocker!!!! What a blessing!!! Subhanallah!!!

I was super super happy to hear this! The previous IUI, my egg managed to grow up to 18mm maximum! But this is amazing!! I can't believe my body is capable to procedure this amount and size growth of the eggs!

So the sonographer wish me "ALL THE BEST" and I couldn't contained my emotions..
I somewhat "Graduated" from the IVF STIM Injection period.. It was a tough period but I made it through with Mountain Bear..

So I sat down and was told to wait for the Dr to call in..
Waited almost 45 minutes before my number appear on the screen. My heart felt like it sank down to my anus as I walked into the room.. I didn't know what to expect.

I was greeted by a Dr that I've never seen before. So she explained to me that my eggs are super ready to be extracted on SATURDAY, 25th April 2020 and there are few things that I need to do which will be explained by the nurses once I collected my Pharmacy meds..

They wish me all the best and told me to get the meds at the pharmacy and return here to the clinic.

I did as what they asked me to. Got the drugs & antibiotic, I waited for my number to be called again at the registration counter.

Less than 15 minutes, it was my turn & I was attended by Nurse Adeline.

So she explained to me that my procedure will be done on

Saturday, 25th April 2020

Mountain Bear need to submit his SEMEN sample by 9.45am on 25th April 2020, Saturday. Within 1 hour from my procedure timing.
Also tonight, Thursday 23rd April 2020 @ 11.20pm, I need to inject myself with Ovidrel 250mcg to induce ovulation. I recall this when I did my IUI.. And also, I need to take the Antibiotic Azithromycin 1gm today as well after dinner. (I just ate it 15 minutes ago at work) She explained that I might encounter some diarrhea after taking it. Well noted!

After acknowledging all the procedures steps, I was told to signed the forms & proceed to the next room to do a Progesterone Serum Blood test.

Blood taking was performed by Nurse Beh, she is amazing!! Once that's done, I can head off to work!
Well ladies! I will update again on the day of the procedure ya!

Also, once I'm all organized and stable, I will share the amount we spend for this procedure.
Here is the Gonal F & Orgalutran Injection Schedule

Take care!

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

22nd April 2020 - CD12 - IVF ICSI #1 (STIM DAY 10)

Hey ladies!

Today is the day for my 3rd Scans and goodness!!! It was well than what I expected.
Let's go straight to the details.

So reached the clinic, I press on the button to get the tickets for the scan and the injections.

The injection nurse call up my number and I head there for the jab.

It's the Orgalutran 0.25iu (Blocker) *goosebumps*
I was really amazed by the skills done by these nurses.. I honestly didn't feel any pain! Once that's done, I went to the waiting area for the scan..

Waited about 25 minutes and my number was show on the digital board. I head into room 5 and was greeted by a Malay Sonographer whom I seen her around before!

So I lay down and here are the goodies seen!!! 

22nd April 2020, Wednesday @ 8.30am
Transvaginal Scan
CD 12

Right Ovary - 18mm, 17mm, 16mm, 16mm, 15.5mm, 14mm, 14.5mm, 13mm, 11mm, 12mm, 12mm

Left Ovary - 15mm, 14.5mm, 14mm, 13.5mm, 13mm, 13mm, 13mm, 12mm, 12mm, 11mm, 11mm, 11mm

Uterus Lining - 10mm Triple Layer

Masyallah!!!! I was super super happy to hear that! So it took around 10 minutes & I got up and proceed to wait for the Dr.

Again, waited for around 15-20 minutes, quite a crowd today compared to the other days I was here and I was called in..

I was greeted by Dr Veronique Celine & the staffs. I was seated down and verification of my ID is checked.

So she mentioned that I have a great number of eggs and 4 of them are ready to be retrieved. But the few others are not far behind. So she wanted to give me another shot of Gonal F 175iu dose & Orgalutran 0.25iu and come back tomorrow 23rd April 2020, Thursday for another scan before proceeding for the retrieval.

So she hand me the prescriptions & off I went to the Pharmacy to get the drugs.
So today I receieved

Gonal F 75iu x 2 vial (150iu self mix)
Orgalutran x 1 syringe

Please do not forget to bring the balance of your Gonal F from the previous injection pen as they will use the balance to add up.

Again, I met the same nurse who did my Orgalutran. She is amazing!!! She explains to me & ensure I'm at ease. Thank you Nurse Beh!
So that's done! I was allow to return home or back to work.. But since I'm gonna go work, I have 2 hours to spare.. Hmmm....

Yeah..... I head out to do some quick shopping.. Buying some goods to help boost the growth of my eggs.. More anti-oxidants is good! Like buying.....

Dates Milk
Almonds Unsalted
Fresh Blueberries
Vitamin C Lemon drink
Baked Sweet Potato

Once that done, I went to Jollibee!! LOL! Bought myself 1pc chicken set with fries & off I head to work!

That's all for today ladies!!

Will update tomorrow!

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

21st April 2020 - CD11 - IVF ICSI #1 (STIM DAY 9)

Hey ladies!

Let's get this post done!

20th April 2020, I went back to my IVF Dept to get me morning jab (Orgalutran 0.25iu) & scans done..

I was queue no 10 patiently waiting.. It was around 20-30minutes when it's my turn to get the scan done..

So the sonographer is the same lady who did for me during my IUI period. And today the transvaginal scan will last slightly longer as they needed to count the eggs.

So get ready to see the results! **EXCITED MODE**

20th April 2020, Monday @ 8.15am
Transvaginal Scan
CD 10

Right Ovary - 15mm, 14mm, 13.5mm, 13mm, 12.5mm, 12mm, 12mm, 11mm, 10.5mm, 10mm, 10mm, 10mm, 10mm

Left Ovary - 14.5mm, 14mm, 13.5mm, 13mm, 12mm, 12mm, 10.5mm. 10mm, 9mm, 8mm, 8mm

Uterus Lining - 8.5mm

 Masyallah!!!! Look at the number of eggs!!! The sonographer tried to be as gentle as possible while doing the scans but I had some discomfort during the procedure..

I realized that I was not able to pee properly this morning & felt extremely sore at my ovaries (pelvic regions) when sitting on the toilet seat. I was afraid I had OHSS.. But alhamdulilah (thank god) it wasn't.

She even mentioned that she will count the other eggs on the next scans.. Which means, I have other eggs not detected & measured???

More than 23 eggs ladies!!! 23 eggs!!! Alhamdulilah!!!

I checked online on the sizes of the eggs needed to be before the retrieval. There are many different sites that shared different range. But the most common range that I saw was

16mm - 22mm (ideally) 

And some even stated

13mm onwards

Also, for the lining ideally will be better if it's Tri-laminar (triple line) & thickness is above

9mm - 10mm 

I was super happy to hear that! And once it's done, I was told to proceed to the waiting area for the consultation with the Dr.

Waited around 10 minutes, I was attended by a male Dr who explained to me that I responded well to the drugs & I have alot of eggs!! And he mentioned that I needed to continue with another 2 more days of injections to increase the size of the eggs before the retrieval and head back for the next scan on Wednesday, 22nd April 2020. So he pass me the prescriptions for me to collect from the Pharmacy & return back to the clinic to get the drugs mixed by the nurses from the previous vials.

So I did that, thanked the staffs & Dr, proceed to the Pharmacy and get the drugs.. Returned to the IVF department, press a number & waited. My butt was not even warming up, my number was called.. It was that EFFICIENT! LOL!! So the nurses did what she did best, jab me with no mercy & off I head home, feeling extremely tired & sleepy..

So I head to my mom's place to rest as I was all alone at home, bought some meals for them & rested for about 3 hours before heading home. I did not tell them anything on this IVF procedure. It was between Mountain Bear, Me & my medical team at work. I just want it to be super caution this round.. I don't want to work on excitements much when it's not confirmed yet..

So that's for Monday!!

21st April 2020, I was woken up by Mountain Bear at 7 in the morning for the Jab..

OH MY ALLAH............................. The fear............ The worry..................

Got up, run to the living room sofa with my blanky & lay under his arm.. My head keeps repeating the "poking part" scene & how badly the pain was & how much I will delay in getting it poke into my fats..

Mountain Bear was sitting beside me as I took the items from the fridge, had my first jab done. Gonal F wasn't bad at all as the needle is thin and small.. But Orgalutran needle... Masyallah... Gives me the creeps & goosebumps by just seeing it. I told Mountain Bear to pull my hair (Yes, I told him to do that) in an effort to divert my pain sensation & asked him to squeeze my thigh as I injected it. That tactic worked slightly but then I started talking nonsense with him as to distract the cooling sensation from the drugs entering to my fats as I push the syringe in... It was a traumatic period for me.. Hahahaha!!! But Mountain Bear keeps supporting me, by saying that "I AM STRONG & YOU CAN DO IT BABY!" I cried.. Not because of the cheering up words, but the after pain.. HAHAHAHA!

Oh well, that's done! Mountain Bear head off to work & after a bear hug from him, I head back to bed and tried to sleep as I'm working afternoon this whole week!

So let's recap on the injection list

STIM #7 (19/4/2020) Sunday
175iu - Gonal F 450iu Pen
Right Belly
0.5mls - Orgalutran (Administered by Mountain Bear)
Left Belly
Symptoms: Sleepy, Tired, bloated, mild cramping both sides

STIM #8 (20/4/2020) Monday
175iu - Gonal F 450iu Pen balance + new 300iu Pen (Mixed by Nurse)
Left Belly
0.5mls - Orgalutran (Administered by Nurse)
Right Belly
Symptoms: Sleepy, Tired, bloated, clear discharges

STIM #9 (21/4/2020) Tuesday
175iu - Gonal F 300iu Pen
Right Belly
0.5mls - Orgalutran (Administered by self)
Left Belly
Symptoms: Vaginal Soreness, bloated, clear discharges

So yeah, hopefully tomorrow my eggs are at the ideal size and we can start to proceed with the egg retrieval process!! This coming Friday is our Ramadhan & fasting is required. I really hope the procedure can be done on Thursday.

Alright ladies! Will update you soonest! Take care!!


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