Wednesday, 3 November 2021


......And we went down to the Delivery Suite at 2.45am.. I was seated on the wheelchair and was waiting for the midwives to receive me at the suite main counter. We were usher into Room 6 (If I could recall that's the room number.. LOL!)

I was attended by a Malay Nursing Clinician who was on duty. She then assist me onto the bed and hook up the CTG machines and set the BP cuff onto my right hand. I was then taught how to use the "Laughing Gas" mask. The medical name for the gas is Nitrous Oxide which is mix of 50/50 with oxygen. Initially before I hit 36 weeks, I did mentioned to Mountain Bear that I wish to use just the gas and avoid getting the epidural. But that wasn't the case.. LOL!

So once I was settled down and they manage to get a baseline for me, little one is still active and kicking, they decided to do a cervix check and found that I was only 3cm dilated.. OH MY GOD.... The pessary was inserted almost 13 hours ago and it's only 3cm dilated?! I spoke to myself.. So I tried to breathe normally and the nurse on duty hook me up with the Oxytocin IV Drip to encourage & promote regular contractions for the labor. I manage to get some rest and so did Mountain Bear.. It was a quick night!

0900hrs - I was told that my cervix is at 4cm dilated and they are going to burst my waterbag.. I was anxious... Super duper anxious.. my uterine contraction is still bearable at the 80 to 90. Waited for Dr Ho to arrive & she was super gentle with me when she did the bursting.. I didn't feel any pain at all.. Suddenly....

I could feel warm fluids gushing out with no control on my part! I thought that I was peeing and couldn't control my bladder muscles! But it was all the amniotic fluids! No pains at all, mind you I was still not on epidural at this moment.. So with that so, Dr mentioned that I need to deliver the baby within 8-12 hours, provided baby's vital signs are good and consistence. They were super helpful. So now they already increase my Oxytocin level up to promote more intense and regular contractions.. Initially it was around 5 - 7mins.. I was still using the laughing gas to manage my pain. 

Ok after this, I had the difficulties to recall what actually happen to me as the pain increased and the usage of the gas has made me semi-conscious. Most of this portions were recorded by Mountain Bear for me.. He did write a note of what happen to me.. He knew I wanted to get this documented in my BLOG.. Thank you my Love!

1400hrs - I was in alot of pain, it seems that the contractions is getting super intense. The readings on the CTG machines for uterine contraction is over 150 - 190. it was getting regular at 3mins - 5mins apart. I was really really drowsy and remembered telling Mountain Bear to get the epidural fixed after almost 12 hours on the Laughing Gas!! He was hesitant at first because he knew my pain tolerance is very high but he sees that I was begging him to do so, he called the nurse for me. And within 10mins, the anesthetist Dr Suzanna came to my rescue. She was amazing! I knew I was alil groggy & drowsy in which causes me to unable to support myself in the sitting position, she needed to raise her voice so that I could be heard in my cloudy mind. I don't mind her being fierce because I understand, she is about to poke a needle into my spine which could permanently paralyzed me if I had any sudden moves. I apologized to the nurse and remembered telling her to hold me as I am very unstable due to the prolonged inhalation of the Nitrous Oxide Gas.

She was amazing! She was there, holding me and allowing me to rest my head on her shoulder. Mountain Bear was told to wait outside when the procedure was done. I could still feel the intense contractions when sitting down and I recalled alot of fluids flow out. I couldn't remember if it was my urine that flows out or the balance of amniotic fluid. But I could clearly remember my legs and arms were shaking uncontrollably and I couldn't stop it. I told the nurse what's happening, she mentioned not to worried about it.. Maybe I was in alot of pain that my body is compensating it by trembling to keep my organs and systems intact. Once Dr Suzanna poke the lignocaine at the surrounding, I could feel just a minimal discomfort when she does that. Then when she poke in the epidural guiding needle, I didn't feel a thing! She is truly the best! After that, I couldn't feel anymore contraction.. Allah... It was the greatest feeling ever!! I was sooo relaxed!! Dr Suzanna then clean me up and had alot of tape pasted behind my back and hand me this cute bell which looks like the bell press on Wheel Of Fortune. She told me that if I ever feel the pain, press this button. It will release the drug at 10mins interval when needed. I nodded and convey my upmost thank you to her and the team. Then I went to dreamland. I too remembered having the urine catheter inserted to me with no discomfort. Mountain Bear came in and he saw me relaxed. And I told him with my eyes closed that I can finally rest for the moment, while the contraction readings were above 180 & I couldn't feel a thing.

1450hrs - My cervix dilation was at 6cm.. Again.. I couldn't feel anything.. :)

1630hrs - My cervix dilation was at 7cm... I remembered Mountain Bear told me but I was semi conscious. That Laughing Gas really had me.. LOL! It was very strong!

2010hrs - This is it.. I remembered partially awake and remembered hearing the midwives telling Mountain Bear that I was already 10cm dilated and full effaced. Fully effaced means that my cervix is thin as paper thin. This means that I am ready to push along with fully dilated. You may read here to know more about this phase. So they reduce my epidural level to allow me to get the contraction sensation which will help me push.

2130hrs - I started pushing.. But I could feel lil one is still high up.. I could feel the intense pain of the contraction. The team were amazing! They are really really supportive and the room was occupied by 5 nurses.. Each has their own duties to do. I was assisted by 1 amazing Filipino Nurse and Mountain Bear. She gave the instruction and taught me how to push. I knew I had some issue in pushing it.. Because my face turned red & she mentioned that I was pushing it using my face muscle and not my abdomen. During that period. I really couldn't distinguish between these 2 pushing method.. This causes the delay in the delivery.. I remembered crying lightly asking for help. Mountain Bear was helpless when he saw me crying in pain after the epidural was disabled for the pushing session. I requested for the epidural medication to be on 50%. Which they gladly did.. We did a few tries after that, Mountain Bear saw lil one's head peeping through my vaginal canal.. He was ecstatic when he saw it.. Saying our lil one has ALOT of hair.. LOL! 

We waited for our Dr Ho, I was still in pain and it has been more than 12 hours since the waterbag burst. Mountain Bear wanted to suggest for an emergency C section. But Dr Ho was alert. She noted that lil ones vitals were amazing and strong. She decided that we proceed with assisted labor using a forceps. 

1040hrs - The teams were ready for the assisted labor. Mountain Bear help to hold the back of my head, the amazing filipino nurse was on my other side, helping to hold my leg and supported me mentally & emotionally. Dr Ho inserted the forcep gently around lil one's head and did an episiotomy cut & we waited for the contraction to come...



I remembered they cheered for me to push... All the nurses, Drs & Mountain Bear were there... 

waited for the next contraction....

CONTRACTION CAME...... 1   2   3............

PUSSHHHHHH DEAR!!!!!!! I push with all my might! I could feel something shaking2 at my lower portion of my body.. It was Dr Ho helping to guide Lil one's head downwards.. 

Mountain Bear couldn't bear to see this portion.. He said he felt defeated that He couldn't do anything to help me during this period.. But he did great! He was by my side, witnessing what was going on.. I was really blessed to have him with me...

Before my final push, I recalled seeking forgiveness from Mountain Bear if this whole while being his wife, I might did something that hurt him. I was afraid that I was dying during this complicated delivery. He mentioned not to say such words to me & everything is going to be alright.. I remembered asking Allah for help during this intense period and pain.. There is no other human being that could help me, I recalled asking for Allah's mercy during this period.. It was scary but I know I was in good hand.. Both on earth and hopefully hereafter. 

So the final contraction came.....

CONTRACTION COMING IN 3.......2.......1.......

PUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I gave all I had........ Then I felt a relieve that was hard to explained. I felt something warm gushed out from my vaginal.... Blood everything on the floor


Allahuakbar!!!! Allahuakbar!!!! Allahuakbar..!!!!!! 

I was still groggy and was extremely fatigue.... I could faintly hear our baby cried.. I thought baby wasn't crying but Mountain Bear told me that baby gave out a loud cry! 

Mountain Bear then caress my head and told me baby is out dear.. our baby is out!! Baby is super cute!!! I remembered seeing him walking to see the baby and coming back to me every few minutes.. He was mesmerized by how our baby look! I was still unable to recover 100%.

I couldn't recall when my placenta came out. All I knew and felt was some cooling sensation at my vagina region. Dr Ho was stitching me up.. Again, no pain felt during this period..

Baby's APGAR Score at 1min & 5mins is 9 which is normal! What's APGAR?

Dr Ho was amazing! She was super detailed and took her time stitching me up. I was on bed, trying to catch some rest. And I remembered feeling Lil one on my chest.. That warm feeling.. I was sad because I couldn't really see him visually as my vision was alil blurred and extremely fatigue..

21 hours in labour for our 1st child... Pheww!!

So, once all was done, our Lil one will be sent to our ward's nursery for the night. They ensure that the baby tag details were correct and the tag were applied to lil one's leg in front of our eyes. Mountain Bear was the main witness as I was still groggy but able to answer their questions.

I then rested till 2am.. Mountain Bear too stayed with me in the labor room for further monitoring. I remembered vomiting alot as I was taking in some 100plus during the active labor. I was super thirsty during the phase. My blood pressure were low.. So they kept me there. 


0200hrs - I remembered getting up from the bed, WOOOOooooaOOOaaaaa.... My felt my head spinning and I wasn't able to get myself up straight..

Definitely due to the prolong lying down and the sudden loss of blood and fluids.. I was ready to be push to the ward. I then transfer myself from the bed to the wheelchair, I couldn't get my thoughts right.. I really can't explain how I feel at this moment. .But if I were to put it in words, its like as if my brain's alignment isn't centered! I don't know how to describe this to you guys! LOL! But it took me about 5mins to compose myself, had my hands on my head and breath normally, slowly I regained my full consciousness and alertness.. Then I was aware of my surrounding.. That was the best feeling ever! No longer groggy or semi conscious or confuse. 

So the next part is for me to start peeing and pooping before I can be discharged today... But it seems I have some issues going on!

Which I will have it in the next blog post!

Thank you ladies for the read up!

Tuesday, 2 November 2021


 Hey ladies!

Finally!! The day has come! I am super anxious and excited at the same time! So let's get the details shared here!

Please do take note that this post was done few weeks post my delivery. So I might have forgotten some details but I will try my best to provide as accurate as possible!

0500hrs - I was awaken by Mountain Bear who nudge me gently and told to get up and let's perform the morning prayers (subuh) together. I scoot down to the side of the bed and did my ablution. It was a calm morning. I was feeling scared & worried. These feelings were playing in my mind during my prayers as I close my eyes and pray hard to Allah that may it be a smooth journey.

0730hrs - We get ready and went off to the hospital. My admission is at 10am but they request us to arrive 45mins to 1 hour earlier roughly to help ease the admission process. Plus with the traffic at this hours, we might end up in a jam. But alhamdulilah we reached the hospital at roughly 8.10am. 

0815hrs - We then head over to the shops to get something to munch on. And also some drinks as well. Roughly at 9am we proceed to the Delivery Suite.

0900hrs - Upon arrival, we hand over the thick paper we had from the Pre Admission and the staff sort out our documents. We then were told to proceed to Ward 32 Bed 3 which is the induce ward. Honestly during the weeks before, I have been doing alot of squats, walking, stretching in the hopes that my virgin cervix will open up easier and earlier. So upon reaching the ward, I needed to hand over the documents to the clinic staff and they were very welcome and warm towards me. So I was advice to have my meal on the bed and they will prepare the necessary requisites for my case.

I was told to change my attire into the hospital white gown with a pink kimono over. Undies and bra are to be removed. Once that was done, I was told to pee before they insert the pessary which is responsible for the ripening of the cervix and promote the induce process to start. No urge just yet.

1015hrs - The Senior Staff Nurse hook me up with the Toco machine to monitor lil bean's heartbeat and at the same time, set the IV Plug over my left arm. It's amazing that after I became pregnant, my veins are popping out so much that it is visible even without a tourniquet. LOL! Passed with flying colors on the first attempt to get my veins. LOL! So now, she wants me to clear my bladder.

I did all that, pee and poop, clear myself well and went to lie down. There weren't anyone else in the ward except me & mountain when we arrived. But roughly 1 hour later, 2 couples came in and occupied 2 other beds. Bed 2 & Bed 4. So the Senior Staff Nurse came to my bedside & ask a few question if I have any Dr's in mind or who is my Dr in charge. I told them that all along, I was under subsidy care & only for this delivery, we upgraded to Private Class. She then nodded and explain that we will get the Dr in charge for today to be my Primary Dr, which is Dr Ho P L. She is super gentle. So she came over and explained that she will be my Dr who will assist in the delivery when the time comes. :)

So now is the time... Before they insert the pessary, the SSN need to do a cervix check. She mentioned that if the cervix is more than 3cm, we would not need to have it inserted. So she had her fingers down there and did the measurements, it was 2cm upon admission. So that means I needed alil help in the ripening! :) I didn't expected my virgin cervix to open up to 2cm. I though it was 0cm shut. I was happy! Same goes to Mountain Bear!

Here is the real deal! They inserted this "thing" into my vaginal and have it pushed up higher nearing to the cervix opening. The "thing" is called CERVIDIL. Click here to know more!

I can't recall if this is the exact drug used but the photo shows the same model. This pessary will last for 12-24 hours and only a maximum of 2 pessary to be inserted at per labour. If both times failed, C section is required to avoid distress to the baby & the mother.

1030hrs - We then were told that our A1 room is ready! I was then told to finish my meal first before we head up! 

1100hrs - I told them I was ready to head up! And a porter came with the wheelchair. The nurse asked if I wanted to have them push me or walk? So I told them I decide to walk instead.. With Mountain Bear beside me, we head up to level 8 Ward 81 Bed 3. It was a nice room! Even if I might get pregnant again, I will still proceed with A1 class. Why?

No.1 - Spouse can sleep together with you in the room

No. 2 - Privacy - No visitors allowed (Especially during Covid-19 now)

No. 3 - When baby cries, you are not interrupting your neighbour with your baby & vice versa

No.4 - I am able to squat, stretch, bend without having anyone see my naked butt airing when I did these. LOL! Also for those wearing Hijab like me, you can let your hair free as there is only you & your spouse in the room.

So the staffs did an orientation for me and explains all the things that we need to know. And I will be constantly monitored every 1 hour and a TOCO machine will be hooked on me every 2-4 hours. Now is basically the waiting game. 

1600hrs - I started to feel the contractions getting stronger and frequently.. But the pain was bearable and I could take it.. I continue doing squats, had my legs at butterfly position and walk around the ward with Mountain Bear beside me. I manage to get some sleeps. Lil Bean was quite active. I was happy to feel lil bean still moving about. 

Nothing much going on from 4pm to 9pm.. apart from the frequent contractions and it's pain is bearable. Even when the contraction level goes up to 70 - 90 I was able to still bear it.. 

2300hrs - I had the sudden urge to pee or poop.. So I told Mountain Bear I needed to head to the toilet. He assisted me & waited outside of the toilet. When I bring down my disposable panties, I was shocked to see alot of blood.. My heart sank.. I was super worried that I had a miscarriage at 38 Weeks!! I called Mountain Bear and spoke to him in a gentle and calm manner not to worry him, "Hubby, call the nurse for me please, there's alot of blood" when he opens the door and saw the blood on my panties and it drips along my legs, He had the same face when I had during our miscarriage back in Nov 2019. "Allahu akbar" he mumbles.. So I also saw a clot that came out and dropped into the toilet bowl. I took a photo of it and head out. When the nurse arrives, she mentioned that it's normal and mentioned that my mucus plug has dropped. But why the bleeding? Hmm.. I have yet to get the answer. So they asked me if I wanted to proceed to the delivery suite? Only there, the nurses are able to perform cervix opening checks. I told them I can still bear the pain and will only call once the pain gets more intense. 

We did just that!

0230hrs on 12th June 2021, the pain became unbearable.. I woke mountain bear up and informed the nurses that I am ready to head to the Delivery Suite now. 

Alright ladies, I will continue this on the next post. It gets more tough as the hours goes by.. 

Please do pray for the safety of our long awaited child.. 



 Hi ladies! 

So today is the last appointment with the specialist before the actual admission for the delivery.

I will just cut it short and go straight to it! :)

Today visit is with the diabetic specialist Dr cum the issuance of admission form for the induce.

I was attended by a male physician name Dr Tay who holds a senior position. He explains to me the reason for the induce and also, mentioned to me that they will be doing a vaginal & rectal swabs for the GBS test. What is GBS? It's a kind of bacteria! Click here to know more!

So once all was done, we head down to the admission department to get the pre-payment done for our stay. We decided to go for 1 Single Bedded room (A1).

Upon reaching to the Admission Department, we were greeted by the staff and was handout 2 sheets of informative paper. Please let the staff know the purpose of the visit & also the Dr will issue an Admission Consent form which you will need to bring along to the admission dept. The paper consist of Private Rate Charges & Subsidy Rate Charges. Also we were given a Q number and have a seat. Roughly 15mins later, our number flickers on the board and we proceed to counter 6.

Here I have attached the charges for those who are keen to proceed with Private Rate or even the subsidy, and what are included in the package provided.

We knew that A1 class requires deposit of at least $2500+ so we had prepared the cash for that and also we prepared another $5000 for any add-ons in an event I needed to proceed for an emergency C section.

It was a quick process. Please bring along these documents:

- Mother's Pink Booklet

- Admission Form (Provided by your Dr in charge - from the follow up clinic)

- Father & Mother's NRIC/FIN/Passport card

- Marriage Certification (I can't recall if they need this but I had it in the folder)

So we have done the Pre Admission 1 week earlier. I was scheduled to be admitted on the 11th June 2021 for the induce. The staff then hand us a thick set of paper which we need to provide this upon the admission day. You can also have this done on the actual day itself but since we are already here today, we decide to get it all done. We were also advice to have a hearty meal on the admission day. 

I hope this post could help some ladies who are keen to know the charges and process. 

See you on the next post!

Monday, 7 June 2021

#2 IVF - 35 Weeks 1 Day - Detailed Scan + Placenta Placement & Consultation (20th May 2021)

 Hey ladies,

So today I am having another appointment to see my specialist Dr. Dr Ryan from previous visit has mentioned that they wanted to get my placenta placement check to ensure that I can proceed with Normal Delivery. So I arrived to the scan department at 10am while my appointment with my Diabetic Dr is scheduled at 11.15am.

So I register and have sat down  for about 45mins before my number was called. The sonographer was very vocal and it's nice to hear someone explaining to you what they are doing. So she asked me..

Sono: Hi Dear, any idea why did the Dr ordered this detailed scan + placenta placement check?

Me: Ohh.. on 27th April I was admitted due to lower back pain and they did a scan. Also the Dr mentioned that my placenta is  low lying nearing to the cervix opening..

Sono: *Scanning my Belly* Really? But it seems that your placenta placement is good dear.. It's posterior mid to upper side.  No way it's blocking your cervix. Don't worry about it alright? Not sure why these Doctors orders such scans when it's all normal. Some are not sure when using the doppler or scan devices.. 

Me: Really? Awesome!! So happy to hear that!! *much relieved*

Sono: Do you remember the weight?

Me: Umm... Dr Ryan estimated it was 2.3kg on 6th May 2021?

Sono: *checking* Alamak... No laa.. Doctors all anyhow estimate. Currently it's at 2.4kg. How can it be 2.3kg 2 weeks ago... *shaking her head*

Me: Hehehehe.. it's alright, as long the lil one is well. But can I know if the weight is as per on schedule with the gestational week?

Sono: Yes dear, it perfect. not low or over weight. Gradually gaining weight as week goes by. Will you be going for induce at 38 weeks?

Me: Yes I will..

Sono: No worries.. *scanning* Alright, so now let check on the baby shall we? So here is the face, the nose, the upper lips, can you see the eyes? Currently your baby hand is covering partial of the face..

Me: Oh myy.. *Looking at the screen* So cute!!! *feeling emotional*

Sono: Alright... And this is the right cheek, the arms and fingers... *scanning another side* And this is the legs and feet.. crossing the legs.. *smiling*

Me: Awww!! *smiling*

Sono: And let's hear the heartbeat. *adjusting the volume and scanning over the heart*

What a beautiful sound!

Sono: Is daddy around?

Me: Ohh he's away at work. He couldn't tag along. But I will update him on lil one status!

Sono: Ok, hold on... *printing some images* Here you go, you can keep these and let daddy see..

Me: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! *looking at the photos*

Sono: You're welcome! And we are done! Here are the documents. You can proceed to the Diabetic Clinic to see the Dr ya! Have a great day!

Me: Thank you! And you too!

So the scan took about 15mins - 20mins as she needed to key in details and printing pictures plus with the placenta placement outcome. I was happy and went straight up to the clinic.

Upon arrival, again I did what I need to. The normal routine and roughly 20mins later I was called in. It was Dr Ann W. :)

So I sat down and she mentioned to me that the scan looks good and the placenta placement is great and non concerning as it eventually did move upward away from the cervix! She also checked my Hypocount log and was happy with the readings and wanted me to do it once a week 7 times a day (Pre/post breakfast, lunch, dinner and 1 before bed). I was happy with that!

So I told Dr Ann that I wish to get my HL extended as my lower back is still pain and I had issued moving about at work. Initially she wasn't keen to give me the HL but as my new EDD  is in 3 weeks time and my lower limb are starting to swell and I am feeling extremely exhausted and increasingly fatigue, she decided to issued 11 day HL for me to rest and mentioned to me that I am eligible to take my Maternity Leave 1 month before delivery. So to those who wish to apply for your Maternity Leave you can go to this website to do a calculation


MATERNITY LEAVE CALCULATOR (Click Here) Please take note if your EDD is 2021, use your mobile phone to calculate

Also, I was advice to start registering for the baby bonus as well. I took note on the details and thank Dr Ann with her assistant. Had a quick scan and Dr Ann is happy with the baby's cephalic placement. She also reminded me to stop taking my Aspirin dose coming next Friday at 36 Weeks and continue taking in the other supplements. I nodded and smiled. She also helped me to write an corrected EDD which I can pass to my Manager to inform her my needs to get an early Maternity Leave start. So for my case, it will be taking 11 days earlier from 31st May till 11th June 2021 which is my admission date.

Dr Ann also mentioned that she wanted me to come back again in 2 weeks time to get another consultation done before the POP day! So she scheduled on the 4th June 2021 for my next visit.

I thanked them again and was told to have a seat outside to for the HL & EDD Documents.

Ladies, please ensure that your name label are pasted onto each documents as sometime, they tend to forget it.. LOL! My EDD form doesn't have my name details. But the front desk staffs were nice enough to help me print a copy!

So for today's consultation + detailed scans + routine checks $115.

I no longer make my payments at the kiosk, instead have the payments done online using the 



It's easy and I can use my mastercard/visa/e-nets to make my payment at home after 1-2 working days.

So today, I decided to rest at my mom's place as currently at home, there isn't anyone and Mountain Bear will only be back at 5pm.. It's still early and I decided to grab some meal as I was pretty hungry!

Updated my manager on my request for an early Maternity Leave by 11 days as I am already well in my 3rd trimester with so much issues. Being a nurse is pretty tough & being pregnant? More challenges! But I am blessed to have a great work environment! Great Doctor & Workmates! 

So that's all for this blog post. See you on the next one! Will update on the details for pre admission and the charges as well! Take care!


#2 IVF - 33 Weeks 1 Day - Diabetic Consultation with EDD Changed (6th May 2021)

 Hi Ladies,

So today I have another appointment with my OB and mountain bear is around to accompany me. My appointment is scheduled at 10.50am but we actually arrived at 8.30am. Yes, that early.. LOL!! Mountain Bear is an early bird and we thought that we can still get to be seen earlier. But that's not the case.. LOL!

So for today's visit, the Dr wanted to check on my hypocount log and everything seems to look good! So we waited until 10.45am and finally we saw the doctors arriving. I was called in at 11.20am with Mountain Bear.

As a basic routine, upon arriving to the clinic, we need to get our Height & Weight checked, Urine dipstick test & our Blood pressure checked. Everything looks good on my record. 

So back to my consultation, I was attended by Dr Ryan L. The team lead doctor who attended to me when I was admitted on the 27th April 2021. Dr Ann W. is on her way up. So Dr Ryan was pleased to see my hypocount records and mentioned to me that I need to continue checking my sugar level till at least the next visit. Also, he mentioned that due to my DM, I will need to be admitted at 38 weeks for induce. Reason for this is because, they do not want the baby to grow too big which is very common for ladies that has gestational diabetes & could cause complications if we wanted to do Normal Vaginal Delivery. The baby may be too big and can't pass through the birth canal. I was honestly worried to hear that.. I am pro natural birth and not keen on C-sect. So Dr Ryan has re-corrected my EDD to 11th June 2021 (Friday)

Me and mountain bear looked at each other surprised. It was 2 weeks earlier than expected. We were excited and nervous at the same time. So I asked Dr Ryan if I could start getting an HL or ML before delivery? He mentioned that I can start taking these leaves 4 weeks or 1 month before the delivery date. I was keen to have that as I am currently struggling to move about with my lower back pain and left leg numbness with pins & needles. 

He also mentioned that I need to stop taking my Aspirin Tablet at 36 weeks or 2 weeks before induce labor. And  I can still continue with my other supplements & metformin. So since I am still on HL till 13th May, no MC were given.

Before we leave, Dr Ryan wanted to do a quick scan to check lil one's status. So I was helped up to the couch, lay down and exposed my melon tummy. Warm gel was applied and Dr Ryan started scanning while mountain bear watch along. So he wanted to do an estimation on the baby's weight. He mentioned that it was at 2.3kg.. 

What??? It was 1.9kg on the previous scan on 28th April and it's 8 days after.. lil one gained 400gm? That's alot! But I was happy knowing that lil one is healthy! Heartbeat is strong, placenta placement was alil sketchy that Dr Ryan wanted me to go for another detailed scans in 2 weeks time to make sure it's no longer low lying. Amnio fluid is great, the blood supply to the wombs were great as well! Lil one is already in the cephalic position which is amazing! Once that's done, I got up and sat myself beside mountain bear. So Dr Ryan mentioned that the next visit, we will get a clearer answer on the outcome if Normal Delivery is possible. I really hope so too! I wanted that...

So after 15-20mins of consultation, we are done & I was told to wait outside for the documents to be prepared. We got up and sat outside, Mountain Bear was checking his calendar and was surprised on the new EDD date.. It's getting nearer and earlier. Oh goodness!! LOL!! So the clerk came out and pass us the scan form which was scheduled on the 20th May 2021 along with another consultation with Dr Ann W. She couldn't attend to me today as there were some emergency cases that she needs to attend to. Well,  Dr Ryan is great too! Very attentive and vocal which I like! And male Dr tend to me more gentler. 

We decided to go home after that. It was a quick day! Plus it's still fasting month and Mountain Bear needs his rest. He has been busy with his work schedule and with the Covid19 situation, I prefer not to hang around at any malls or shops unnecessarily. 

So yeah, not much of an update but I still wanna dock it in for memories.. :) So for today's consultation cost $86.00.



......And we went down to the Delivery Suite at 2.45am.. I was seated on the wheelchair and was waiting for the midwives to receive me at th...